FullSizeRenderPia Møller Johansen, born 15th August 1988, grew up in Oslo (Norway) in a beautiful part of town called Nordstrand. Her first meeting with music was through her brother’s participation as percussionist in the local school wind band for children. She started playing flute at the age of seven and was then one of the youngest flutist in the ensemble. After four years of blowing the whistle she wanted to try out other ways of expressing music, mostly by singing, but also by playing the piano.
When she was around fourteen years old she began writing poetry and lyrics. This resulted in even more playing of the piano and also songwriting. Her first demo-album So full of wonder contains traces of her early musical expression, with a collection of her oldest songs. After some years of playing by herself she started to perform at local concerts and played the piano in the school band as well as social bands with friends.
Pia went to a music high school specializing in singing, both classical and popular music. In this period she held many concerts at school and also some solo performances outside school.
The last year of high school she had classes in composition and as a result of that she wanted to learn more about the art of writing music. Not only lyrics and melodies, but scores and music for many instruments too. Her passion for film music was one of the main factors that led to the decision of apply for studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music.
From 2007-2012 she studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music, although she will always  continue working with her voice as a composer.
Today she is active not only as a composer of classical music, film music, music for scene and installations, but also as a singer/songwriter, poet, designer of jewelry and she has even created her own world of sketched people called Blekkansiktene. One of the main subject in her work of art is the nearness to nature and the role of an observer. She has mentioned that she worries a little bit about not being able to concentrate on only one expression of art, but thinks that all these outcomes can be joined in one common field of art: «Piask art».

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  1. Rosa Krogh says:

    You’re brilliant, Pia ❤

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